Thursday 8th June 2011 – Timewasters

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It’s not often I have the urge to vent on here but

Fucking timewasters…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and this one was a woman.
Wasted my day, Dungeon Masters time and I turned down two subs too.
It’s a weird thing but I’ve never been fond of the female of the species.
As a kid I hung out with boys, as a teenager too ( and no not to Domme them) and even now count good female friends on one hand.
In 4 years of Pro work I have had 4 women and one f/m couple book and never confirm or reply to mails/texts so the sessions never took place.
So firstly I have a HUGE amount of sympathy for all your chaps trying to find a girl just to date let alone play with and secondly, that’s the last booking I take from a woman.
Woman seem to think it is their perogative to mess others about and they can do it, because they are women! Umm…no. In percentage terms ( yes, I do actually work these things out) women are 8 times more likely than men to no show, cancel or plain mess you about.
Lastly, the thing that bugs me most about no shows is no contact at all. Not even the courtesy of a one line mail.
I once got into a debate about how most of my subs are professionals and either run, own their own businesses or work in high powered jobs and was accused of elitism in my pursuit of only well educated and ‘moneyed’ subs. My argument was those types of people take making a booking with me seriously, as THEIR time is money too.
Once you start cutting into your own income by messing another person about suddenly people pay a lot more attention to details. And I stand by my argument.

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