Saturday 28th May 2011 – What not to do when you book to see a Mistress…

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

1) Ask questions more than once.

2) Ask them with bad punctuation and grammar.
3) Take a week to choose a day to book then moan when that day/date has already gone.
4) Be unprofessional in your booking manner.
5) Be late.
6) Be unwashed or with no washing kit.
7) Have untrimmed toenails…..and untrimmed/unshaved pubes.
8) Be cocky and try and be ‘in charge’.
9) Get pissed off when I refuse to session with you cos you’re clearly stoned.
10) Bring poppers and insist on using them.
11) Forget to bring the directions to the dungeon and get lost.
In short if you are unprofessional in your everyday life, then it will show through twice as badly with me.
Your colour, gender, job, age, health status or disability mean nothing to me. However, your attitude means everything.

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