28th February 2011

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For anyone trying to text or call me today, there was a major Vodafone outtage in my area from early morning till early afternoon today.

Please try again, if you need to contact me.
Over the last couple of weeks I have had no less than four old subs contact me again, for sessions. There can be no more sincere form of flattery than having someone you haven’t seen in a while, all of them had work or health problems, remembering who you are and coming back for more!
Really lovely and I’m so pleased I leave such a wonderful impression on so many of you.
So i’m looking forward to renewing a few old acquaintances very soon.
On Informed consent there has been a thread about ‘Naming and shaming’ timewasters. This is a difficult issue and I can say I have indeed been sorely tempted on more than a couple of occasions of using this blog to post up on huge font and flashing lights the names of ‘subs’ who have sincerely pissed me off.
BUT….I am acutely aware that everyone has off days and people do have to cancel for sincere reasons. I’d hate to have a regular sub or genuine sub feel they might end up on the list if they had to cancel for a real reason.
So I have resisted naming and shaming, and I have to say as time goes on you just know who will be a waste of time, by there very first mail.
Anyone who says they are ‘genuine’ anyone who rambles on, anyone who mentions themselves more than half a dozen times. Anyone who writes out a shopping list of wants, demands on what I wear, prmises gifts galore, and anyone who sends a one liner.
Oh, I am wise to you all now….heheheeh.
Plus I would rather have just my lovely regulars, who spoil me rotten, behave with perfect manners and get all the nicest treats from me than a one off twit.
But there is always a little more room for gentlemen who wish to pursue a long term professional relationship with a dedicated Mistress.
But do you have the stamina, qualities and abilities I need for you to serve me?
Ummm…only the bravest need apply.

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