Tuesday 22nd Feb 2011

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

A quick catch up.

Had an exceptionally busy start to the year, which is excellent, but means the odd few days with no sessions and a chance to catch up is necessary.
A part of being a professional Domme is the kit and clothes upkeep. Constant renewals and repairs and of course cleaning…endless cleaning. Washing, sterilising, scrubbing and a soaking.
I should have a pinny and a pair of Marigolds on as a permanent part if my daily ensemble!
But it’s not all bad and the joyous part of my updates routine is new clothes….ah yes. Mistress does look forward to that and has recently bought a nice new leather skirt which unzips upwards at the front….and a beautiful leather open bra. Norty Mistress!
Probably time for some new heels too I feel…..A girl can’t have enough pairs of shoes…..
See you soon xx

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