Thursday 3rd Feb 2011

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have a new computer. Yes, Mistress is a nerd, apologies.

My old one died before Christmas, so having had the hard drive removed ( which you should always always do before you get rid of a computer) it’s been sold, cos it was old and I love new toys.
You can keep your furs and rings and bling…I’ll have a gadget. I love gadgets.
It’s a Samsung and so far is lovely. Windows 7 OS and I never thought I would say it about a Microsoft product but I actualy like Windows 7. It is really user friendly and logical, something rarely said or I have ever felt about a OS system.
It’s got a big screen a shiny keyboard and it’s almost as much fun playing with it than a tied up cock.
Which is just as well as due to silly flu, all my plans this weekend have gone kaput and I think it will be me, chocolate and puter !
Oh well.
Photo shoot tomorrow, wheeeeeeeee so new pics too over the weekend I hope. Look out for site updates.

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