This week coming…Feb 2011

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is the first time I have had time to sit and write a post for two weeks.

Soooooooooo busy.
Had a fabulous weekend, last weekend. A very naughty Saturday afternoon with some gentlemen I know and then on to a club night, which was brilliant as usual. Had some great play with my partner and a couple of female and a male sub. Nice to be able to introduce people to new things.
Since then have been flat out working, either Domming or website stuff. I have also had a chance to meet a lovely guy who is doing a photoshoot for me next friday. Lots of fun and I’ll have one of my loyal subs there too. Never done one with a sub before so brimming full of new ideas for the moment on that too. Hoping to do an outdoor shoot sometime soon too.
Managed to have a couple of short naughty sessions with my new young man too. He’s rapidly being introduced to ‘How to please Mistress’ and I’m looking forward to a longer one next Friday evening.
He’s a little shy right now, but once he’s relaxed a bit I’ll post some details about the sessions we’ve had.

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