Saturday 15th January 2011

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Life’s a funny old thing and recently after a few years of intermittently looking, I’ve had the most delicious young man fall into my lap.

He’s attached so no worries there, he’s only sub when playing, runs his own business so he’s smart and in interesting to talk to ( yes, I like to talk now and again) and he’s blessed with a huge cock.
So having spent a few weeks talking over if’s, but’s and maybe’s we’re giving a serious Femdomme relationship a go.
We had our first chance this week, and the session was testing out many of the limits he’d already told me he had. He said he was a pain slut…well, he was right. Nothing like standing on a subs erect cock to tell if they like pain. Plus a hard OTK and then tying him to the wall by his nipples seem to hit the right spot. Of course, being tied to the wall left his rather reddened bottom on display.
Once I’d told him to spread his legs in my favourite position and tied his hands behind his back, I got the balls to play with!
They were soon lassoed neatly and tied to his ankles, after having him made him bend his knees of course. SO bending downwards stretched the nipples and if he then straightened his legs that pulled on his balls.
Oh, what a terrible choice to make!
It was at this point I fancied a cuppa and a chance to catch up on the latest news, so positioned my chair and footstool close enough to be able to poke his balls with my pointy shoes before embarking on what ‘The Times’ had to offer that day.
I have to say that after a Mcvities choccy biscuit, the yelp of a sub in pain is a good accompaniment to a morning coffee.
Having been tied, and poked, for about 20 minutes and watching his knees getting progressively weaker hovering between not quite straight and not quite bent, I took pity and let him go.
I untied him from the wall and told him to kneel, balls still tied to ankles and allowed him to press his face to Mistress’s wet crotch and inhale deeply.
This had the odd effect of making his semi-hard cock rather rigid.
I told him he’d now earned his hearts desire of fucking Mistress, which I’m sure he would enjoy except that I’d be holding my whippiest cane and if he was too slow, not deep enough or doing something else to incur my pleasure I’d use it on his ass while he was fucking me.
Untying his balls and nipples he nodded that he understood my instructions, as he’d been told to be silent during the session, He rolled a condom over his taut cock and proceeded to climb between my thighs and slowly insert himself into my very wet cunt.
The cane in my hand is a nice shortened one especially for the job of correcting fucking subs and I gave him a couple of strokes to encourage some quicker activity.
They had the desired effect and in fact I rather enjoyed the sudden thrust of his hips as I struck him.
He did indeed seem to be a painslut of the first order and every stroke seem to result in a harder cock, a deep thrust and more effort being made to satisfy Mistress.
I was positioned with my back and head raised, hence being able to cane his bum and leaned forward to bite his nipple.
He groaned loudly and I bit the other one while giving him another smart crack on the ass.
Mistress’s orgasm was not far away and as I did not want him to cum first, I relaxed a little and let the sensation of his thick cock inside me bring me to a most delicious climax.
Having satisfied myself I told him he could now cum.
I leaned forward and gave him several slow, hard strokes and he grunted his approval as his body spasmed.
But having cum, his duties were not over.
Condom still on he had to bend over me and lick Mistress’s cunt empty, before drinking straight from me as I pissed into his face. He lay between my legs, face drenched in piss and licked and suckled up as much as he could take.
This boy will make a good submissive I think….

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