3rd Jan 2011

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First post of the New Year and a warm Happy New Year to all my regulars and friends.

My fourth year as a professional Domme and where did the time go? Goodness.
So what new things am I going to focus on this year. Well, I don’t usually have a long list of ‘To do’s’ and like to see where life takes me but I think more bondage work appeals and I’m going to be doing a class in a few weeks to brush up my basic’s and see if I feel ready to move onto slightly more advanced stuff.
As for other ideas, I’d like to use the outside more at the lovely premises I use in Reading. I already have one happy outside bunny, the poor chap in the snow in my previous postings. He’s regularly had his balls tied to the fence last year among other delights! Now I have another willing victim who wants to romp in the grass. Oh sorry, who wants to wear rompers in the grass…well, we will see about that. I don’t do A/B as a rule ( but then I like breaking rules) and prefer my subs with their crown jewels dragging through the foliage instead of being neatly tucked away in a diaper.
As for other idea and expectations, well sadly the ‘Training of A’ is no more as ‘A’ is no more. But thankfully you can’t keep a greedy polyamorous Domme down and the ‘Training of C’ will be taking off shortly….this week with a little luck and some time on my hands.
I so like the genuinely sweet innocent and open minded ones…you can actually feel me grinning evilly can’t you?
So more updates soon….

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