Training of A…very norty sub part 2

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Exhibitionism is a wonderful form of play, not only the actual activity at the time and but leading up to with all the mind play, and the use of the play mentally, afterwards to induce sensations of humiliation in the sub.

And so it was on the Friday evening I began introducing the idea of public nakedness and humiliation into his head. He knew I had wanted to do it, it was only a matter of time.
Whispered ideas of stripping him in front of strangers muttered into his ear as he fucked me…of him being restrained and tortured in the big room of our favourite fetish club.
And that’s exactly what I did. First a short session tied to the cross in the small room, on our own, with hard cock play and then electrics attached to his balls and nipples.
How he squirmed…and writhed and the people looking into the room raised their eyebrows and smiled.
He couldn’t see them of course…with the leather hood on.
Couldn’t see the pegs on his balls, or the twine round his cock either.
He ended up with 6 strokes of Mistress’s cane to finish him off.
That was the warm up…and then he was tied to the cross in the big room , tightly bound, hooded once more and he knew people were staring at him.
This time I used my sounds. Lots of lube and slowly introduced one at a time, moving up sizes into the end of his cock. Taking great delight watching them slide down into piss hole. Taking even more delight at listening to his moans and squeaks.
Oh he was so wound up after 30 minutes of play. Cock hard…sweat on his body and I untied him, and still hooded marched him, ankle ropes dragging across the floor, into the small private room next door.
No formalities or niceties he was told to fuck me, still hooded and with my panties stuffed in his mouth and he did. Hard. Filling Mistress’s cunt with spunk, that the femsub would lick out later.

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