7th November 2010

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So yesterday was the 6th of November, not strictly Fireworks night but we went and saw a lovely local display and much fun was enjoyed by all.

Today I’ve had a session with some fireworks all of its own. Nothing more amusing than telling a loyal slave you’re going to do one thing to them, only then proceed to do something entirely different and this morning I put my nice new set of sounds to good use.
Brand new and shiny all the way from the States they made a serious impression on a gagged and bound slut who thought he could get the better of me.
Right now there is a man living in the south east contemplating not being quite so smart mouthed to me in the future and wondering exactly how wide his urethra will stretch in the future.
We will see won’t we?
Sounding is a very interesting and subtle form of play which is exactly my style of play. The best way is to have a very hard cock, a very tied up sub and lots of lovely thick lube and a scrupulously clean sound of a small dimension to begin with. You don’t need to or in fact should never push it in, just lube the opening in the head of the cock, and the sound and introduce it into the hole and allow it to very slowly slide down inside the opening at it’s own pace. Watch carefully for any sign of problems and once it reaches a natural point of insertion, which can vary hugely, then pull up slowly and begin again.
Most subs report this one of the most incredible sensations they ever experience.
I have nine sounds in my set, ranging from 1 mm to I think 5mm in diameter, so you can gradually move up in size as the sub relaxes into the play and can more girth.
Wonderful fun and incredible sensations.

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