‘Training of A …very norty sub ‘ – part 1

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

So what do you do when you Master has been smart and clever enough to not only find one ready willing and open minded femsub, who let’s face it are as rare as rocking horse shit, but also finds a brand spanking new male sub with an open mind, small ego and huge cock?

What you do is smile broadly and jump right in.
So the first weekend they came to us.
To start with a weekend of spending time with like minded souls is always enjoyable anyway. Being able to say ‘cunt’ and ‘Who’s all wet then?’ in less that hushed tones is always a turn on for me personally.
So after an post-M25 reviving dinner, things fairly quickly progressed to some very hot sex based play…well, actually lots of sex based play and only being human, domination seemed to get sidelined for the evening apart from ‘That’s good. Do it again’.
Yes, your Mistress is a dirty, hot tart who loves a good fuck…what can I say?
BUT….never fear ….the following day we had a session where I introduced this poor innocent submissive to the delights of rope and CBT.
Now bearing in mind he’d never really done any play like this at all…yes seriously, a complete virgin….( believe me you could hear my drooling from a mile away) I did go easy.
A nice tight karada from top to toe….holding him helpless and bound. His eyes were sparkling and it was the sort of session Dominants dream of where everything you do pushes the right button and as you press them, new buttons appear asking for attention.
Next was some ball tying, and due to a medical condition, this was done with great care but still achieved the desired effect of restriction and then on to the cock.
I laced it with my favourite twine in what I call a ‘cock corset’ from bottom to top. Then some weights added with lots of nice teasing and rubbing. Sensation play being a huge part of my repertoire it was out with the brushes, scratchy gloves, pinwheel and clamps….
That day was a short session due to other things going on, but he shone and asked for the next time not to be so easy…so you just know it’s going to get better don’t you!!!!!
I have had personal subs before, but not to this extent where the level of submission and trust is very high right from the beginning. That enables you to have a deeper rapport even at a base line level, but that baseline is maybe 70-75% of a more simplified relationship.
This sub is extremely open minded, honest, extremely articulate about what he is feeling and has no real limits or hang ups. From a Dominants point of view he is a dream. The only hint of caution is not moving too fast with his training and experiences and allowing us both to process each session thoroughly and learn from each one. With such open mindedness does come the desire to do as much as possible as quickly as possible, which is not a good idea.

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