14th September 2010

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It’s been a very frustrating day, not just for myself but also for one my poor Dungeon owners, whose lovely premises I use.

We had a stupid no show.
Annoying, pointless and most of all bloody rude!
The short answer to this situation is don’t let yourself get talked by a partner or by yourself into anything you are not 110% sure of and never involve a third party in anything if you are not 110% comfy with yourself.
The long answer is:
Life cannot be manipulated into your fantasy, but your fantasy can be made real.
Think about that statement a minute, they are very different things.
Subs and players living in fantasy land is a topic I have posted before.
It is all well and good planning, fantasizing, living the session in private, playing ideas in your head. But when cold hard reality kicks in, with something unexpected, something you had not realised might happen, and is out of everyone’s control…that’s the moment you have to choose whether you are brave and bold enough to stick to your guns and go for it. Or if you are so uptight about yourself that you chicken out.
Today’s timewaster chickened out.
Do I need to session with anyone that uptight? No, thanks.
As I’ve said before, only brave and bold subs need apply to see me.

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