Wednesday 8th September 2010

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I am often mailed, quite inappropriately, from submissive’s and potential players who are quite obviously complete novices and let their fantasies/over excitement get in the way of what is in reality a business transaction.

Now, that is not to say that fantasy and excitement have no place in a BDSM session, they most certainly do and in fact without them the session would be pointless, but it is wise to focus on the cold hard reality of time, place, cost, details BEFORE letting the brain turn to jelly with the infinite possibilities of what I may or may not do.
Approach a mail to a Mistress like you would a job interview. Carefully, respectfully, with all the details you need but with a sense of excitement knowing you could be on the threshold of of starting something wonderfully new.
Stupid mails, get no replies…quite simple.
It is no accident I only accept applications for sessions by email. A written request to see me tells mean enormous amount about you.
Educational standard, confidence, self esteem, manners and overall attitude towards play and Mistress’s.
If you don’t rise to the challenge and hit my mark in a mail, then you won’t be having a session with me.

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