Monday 21st June 2010

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

What lovely weather we are having at the moment. So nice to enjoy the sun.

With that thought in mind, outdoor play is always amusing, and it’s been a whole year since I tied a sub up on a grassy lawn.
There is something quite delicious about squishing a pair of balls under you bare feet into the grass. Or better still a pile of stinging nettles.

I’m entering my busiest period of the year now personally, and my session days/times tend to become more limited. Please bear that in mind and try to be flexible and/or book in advance.

I’ve recently started doing more needle play again, not something I’ve done for a while, and so am happy now to add that to my list of ‘DO’s’. If you’ve not tried it, then I can do a beginners session.


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